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Applications are your most valuable assets. They’re also increasingly under attack from hackers who want to steal sensitive data and disrupt your business. An astounding 72% of surveyed organizations have suffered at least one breach from a web app attack, and a third have been hit twice1. Which means your apps and APIs are likely at risk. But there’s no need to panic—achieving a strong security posture is closer than you might think. With the right application security solutions, you can implement consistent policies across all your environments.

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Executive summary

  • Applications and APIs are a major source of security vulnerabilities for businesses of all sizes.
  • Distributed deployments and fragmented tools cause complexity and can lead to gaps in security.
  • Citrix solutions ensure holistic, layered protection across all environments.

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Business outcomes

All the app security you need. All in one platform

With 50% of web apps now vulnerable to cyberattacks2, it’s vital to protect against known and unknown security risks. Citrix web application security solutions make it easy to do just that—and streamline app delivery too. Whether you deploy ADC functions on-premises or as a service, the result is the same: comprehensive security for all your apps and APIs. Seamlessly protect against cyberattacks, including the most critical web application vulnerabilities in the OWASP top 10. From the integrated web application firewall (WAF) and bot management to API protection alongside the DDoS mitigation service, it’s everything you need. All in one platform.

Protect any app, anywhere

Protecting apps and APIs is crucial. But relying on numerous application security tools across multiple environments—cloud and on-premises—can leave you susceptible to unforeseen gaps. Today's organizations are juggling 64 or more security tools3, which makes it makes it practically impossible to apply the same policies everywhere and keep cybercriminals at bay. Only Citrix gives you a single code base with feature and function parity across all form factors. It means operational consistency across environments, for all application types and deployments.

Combat fragmentation with consistent security

The more you expand your app and API portfolio, the more fragmented your security becomes. Citrix lets you quickly achieve a consistent security posture across your entire app ecosystem, with multiple deployment options to fit your exact needs. You can use Citrix ADC for comprehensive security in front of your apps, or opt for application security as a service with Citrix Web App and API Protection. And if it’s time for an all-in-one automation solution, there’s Citrix App Delivery and Security service for intent-based security. Each deployment model provides the same extensive WAF, bot, DDoS, and API protection with a single license. So you can protect on-premises, virtual, cloud, and containerized apps alike.

Reduce IT complexity

Burnout among cybersecurity professionals has reached crisis levels4. And for many security teams, there seems to be no end in sight. Keeping up with countless threats and technologies means long hours, missed vacations, and working holidays.5 If these challenges sound familiar, it’s time to find some relief. One way to cut down on complexity is through a consolidated approach to security. Citrix lets you remove point products and streamline management in one central system using the Citrix ADC platform. It’s easy to set up and deploy, with security stylebooks to simplify configurations and pooled capacity licensing to quickly shift protection to where it’s needed most. And when you need the ultimate in ease and simplicity, intent-based services allow you to automate app security based on the latest cyberthreats.

Stay compliant

It’s not enough to protect apps and APIs. You need tools to monitor and report on app security, too. Failure to meet strict regulatory requirements can lead to steep penalties for GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, CIPAA, or other violations depending on your industry. That’s why Citrix application security solutions are designed for compliance. Use the top 10 most vulnerable applications list to prioritize remediation. Then quickly drill down to IP addresses and locations so you can see where attacks originate. You can even use the PCI-DSS audit report to see which WAF settings are relevant and how each should be configured. Simple dashboards make it easy to monitor attacks, ensuring you’ll always have the visibility you need to meet even the strictest regulations.

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