Diversity in Technology

Globally, over half of companies allow some form of remote work and, in the United States, it is already commonplace. Remote work can positively impact how we all work, providing benefits to the employee, the organization, and society. Having access to the right technology is a vital part of enabling this way of working, both now and for the future.

Yet, equally as important is the experience of being a remote worker. While a vast majority of remote workers say this ‘new norm’ is how they want to work throughout their career, and remote workers report loving their jobs significantly more than office-bound colleagues, there are challenges with creating a strong sense of belonging and inclusion in the virtual workplace.

Learn how to enable personal connection across distances: this interactive workshop will apply a design thinking approach and the Inclusion Nudges technique to help you realize the full benefits of inclusive remote work. You will walk away with proven tactics that help create an inclusive environment for distributed teams that heightens engagement, inclusion, belonging, retention, and productivity, and supports your diversity goals.

SYN801 Diversity in Technology: Leap into the future of work
Thursday, May 23, 1:30-3:30 p.m.
GWCC, Building B, Level 5, Thomas Murphy Ballroom 1-4

Guest experts

Donna Kimmel
EVP & Chief People Officer

Lisa Kepinski
Founder, Inclusion Institute
Cofounder, Inclusion Nudges

Scott Ballina
Senior Director, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging


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