Content Areas

Explore the building blocks of the future of work, learn how to work smarter and faster, and empower your teams to innovate, collaborate and grow. Synergy provides intensive training in technical breakout sessions covering topics including:


Give workers what they really need to invent, solve, and create. These sessions will demonstrate how to simplify the way you manage and secure apps, devices, users, and networks so you can deliver the best employee experience. You’ll see how to increase business agility and realize the full potential of your cloud strategy, and enable mobility without limits for your mobile workforce.


Learn how to provide reliable access to users on any network and aggregate all types of networks for a consistent user experience no matter where they are. These sessions show you how to keep up with the pace of digital, deliver the best experience for the applications central to innovation and growth, and protect your network against internal and external threats. Learn how to harness multiple data streams from ADCs, SD-WAN and more for end-to-end visibility and analysis.


These sessions focus on how to gather—with unprecedented capability—critical user, entity, network, and content behavior to proactively handle user security threats, improve application performance and optimize IT operations. See how centralized control and visibility into where apps and data are stored, accessed, and shared provide secure access into the cloud and across multiple devices and networks where business is conducted and mobile workers are collaborating.

Virtual apps and desktops

Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs: these sessions cover key trends, technologies and solutions for the secure delivery of Windows, Linux, web and SaaS apps plus full virtual desktops to any device, and address reducing IT complexity by centralizing app and desktop management. You’ll also learn how to deliver remote access while addressing privacy, compliance, and risk management mandates.

Content collaboration

Get more done—together. Meet the collaboration and mobility needs of users by combining instant, secure file sharing with data security that scales from small business to the enterprise. These sessions focus on how to provide a single, secure point of access for all data sources, and how to determine policies for accessing, sharing and storing data, whether in your existing datacenter, in the cloud, or a hybrid. Learn how to access, sync, and share files from anywhere, on any device, and how to automate workflows to streamline business and maximize productivity.

Endpoint management

Learn how to securely manage apps, data and multiple mobile devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablet and IoT, through a single platform. These sessions will show you how to increase employee productivity on BYO or corporate devices and provide end-to-end, enterprise-grade mobile device security with better user experience. Sessions also cover design and architectural considerations as well as how to protect your information at the app level.


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