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Examine the possibilities: go deep into your areas of interest, from application delivery and cloud networking to delivering secure workspaces from any cloud or hybrid cloud, and learn the best strategies for enhancing your competitive advantage, boosting your productivity, and truly empowering your team.

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Preview Synergy breakout sessions for IT and Networking professionals, executives and cloud prospects, and learn how to boost productivity and empower your team.

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Foresee the future: be among the first to learn about the latest innovations and ideas that will transform the way we work, through insightful and inspiring presentations from some of the world’s great visionary thinkers and leaders.

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Exceed your limits: address your challenges head-on through small-group interactive sessions designed to help you break through your current barriers with valuable guidance from the experts and helpful wisdom from your peers.

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Become skilled on the spot: take advantage of the Instructor-led Learning Lab workshop, Self-paced Learning Labs, and on-site Citrix Certification Center to expand your credentials and leave Synergy with more marketable expertise.

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