Opening Keynote

In a world already moving at lightspeed, the pace of change is accelerating. Businesses must be nimble to succeed. In the Synergy 2020 Opening Keynote, Citrix executive leaders will show how we are helping customers adapt with a new employee experience that transforms the way people work and gives them the tools to accomplish amazing things.

Citrix president and CEO David Henshall will explain the company’s laser focus on helping customers succeed, and show how, by shifting from building individual products to a true platform for work, Citrix is bridging people and technology and driving the business outcomes our customers want to achieve.

Tim Minahan, executive vice president, business strategy, and chief marketing officer, will discuss how companies that provide the right digital tools to keep employees engaged and productive have been proven to deliver higher growth and greater profitability. He’ll introduce new partnerships and be joined by customers who will share their success stories with Citrix digital workspace solutions.

Executive vice president and chief product officer PJ Hough will dive deep into the growing complexity of IT and show how Citrix innovation is simplifying how people engage with technology while giving IT the flexibility to run the business. He’ll show how Citrix is enabling customers to drive transformation at their own pace with an intelligent workspace platform that adapts and grows as they do.

All together, this can’t-miss session will show you how to turn IT into a driver of strategic value by unleashing people’s potential—freeing them to think, create and focus on the work that really matters. See what Citrix makes possible, and prepare to be inspired.

David Henshall
President and Chief Executive Officer

Tim Minahan
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

PJ Hough
Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer


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