Synergy Park

See what it’s like to work freely and securely from anywhere as you explore the heart of the event: Synergy Park, an interactive center designed to emulate a bustling cityscape, where you can discover the power and flexibility of Citrix technology while visiting a café in Bombay, a city park in San Francisco, a train station in Amsterdam, and other world destinations.

Synergy Park is home to both the Social Hub and Community Hub—comfortable spaces where you can network and plug in with other attendees to share stories and tips, meet local user group leaders from around the world, connect through Citrix social channels, and check out the live stream of event photos, tweets and more. The Citrix Shop is here, too, featuring the latest branded Citrix merchandise.

This central plaza also houses a learning zone, where Fireside Chats, Self-paced Learning Labs, Meet the Experts Theaters, and Match.Geek sessions take place. In addition, this is where you can join colleagues each afternoon to take part in Simply Serve @ Synergy.


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