Event Connection Lounge

Synergy is about building new connections, and the Event Connection Lounge offers a comfortable space—complete with tables, private meeting rooms, and wireless connectivity—for moving those relationships forward while you’re still at the event.

The Event Connection Lounge is located on-site in Synergy Park, and meeting space can be reserved either before you arrive using your My Synergy Account, or with the lounge host during the event.

To book a meeting in advance:

  1. Log in to your My Synergy Account
  2. Click ‘Connect with Others’ in the top navigation
  3. Select ‘Request a Meeting’

Prefer to meet elsewhere? Use the Event Connection tool to plan meetings in a hotel lobby or outside a session room.

Note: The Event Connection Lounge is also home to the interactive Match.Geek program, featuring 30-minute advice sessions with Citrix experts.


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