Los Angeles, CA | May 6-8
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Synergy Mobile

Synergy Mobile puts the conference schedule, maps, social networking tools, logistical help and event organizational tools at your fingertips so you can stay informed and in touch throughout the event.

Maximize your Synergy experience

The Synergy Mobile app for Apple iPad and iPhone and Android devices, and the Synergy Mobile website for BlackBerry and other devices using HTML5, make it fast and easy to navigate the conference venue, optimize your time, reach out to other attendees and maintain your social networks.

Get the Synergy Mobile app today!

  • Click the icon links below or search “Citrix Meetings & Events” app on Google Play or the Apple App store
  • Tap Events (or the icon at the bottom of the screen), then select Find
  • Download and open the Citrix Synergy 2014 event
  • Login with your event credentials; your username and password

Supported platforms and operating systems

OS 6.1 - iOS 7.0

v2.3.3 to 4.3 (Smartphone devices)

Windows 8.0 and current iOS, Android and BlackBerry browsers

Top features:

  • Organizer and calendar
    • Linked to your My Organizer tool
    • Featuring "What's On Now," a real-time preview of upcoming events up to two hours in advance
    • Agenda at a glance
  • Complete listing of breakout sessions, searchable by day, time, speaker name, session number and title
  • Links to social media and live Twitter feeds
  • In-app messaging for contacting other attendees without sharing personal data
  • Interactive maps and GPS integration
  • Solutions Expo exhibitor details and background materials on products and services

Synergy Mobile game

The Synergy Mobile app also enables you to participate in a contest of skill and memory retention with the potential to win exciting prizes. Grab your tablet or phone, accept the Mobile Game terms and receive points for completing predefined activities and scanning QR codes. Details on the game provided in the app.

  • Watch Live! on SynergyTV

    Look at what’s planned for our hosted program.
  • Social circle

    Join the conversation on the Social Media Hub.
  • ViewSonic VDI Endpoints

    HDX Verified Smart Display clients, the first quad output thin client, and new 70-inch interactive display with Citrix receiver. See us at Booth #416!